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A leader in South Gujarat water industry, ”Sai Water” for best quality Water Treatment plant, Treated Water, Wastewater Treatment plant, Water Components and manufacturing facilities across a qualified team with over 19 years of experience “

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  • Sai Water’s Water Treatment Equipment
  • Sai Water designs, engineers, and assembles a full line of quality standard and custom water treatment equipment including :

    Industrial equipment (filters, softeners, specialty equipment for drinking water and process water, demineralizers / deionizers and reverse osmosis (RO) systems) Residential equipment (filters, softeners, specialty equipment for drinking water, reverse osmosis (RO) systems)

    We Serve :

    In addition, Sai Water provides a broad range of technical and maintenance services for water treatment applications, including system design, integration of new components with existing systems, startup services, needs assessment, preventive maintenance, repair services, equipment upgrading, ion exchange (IX) resin analysis, tank exchanges, membrane cleaning, and rebedding or media exchange.

    We have highly-trained engineering staff available to support you every step of the way. Our experts draw on years of experience to develop efficient, high-quality systems that fit your process and your budget. You also get the benefit of our computer-assisted design and engineering capabilities. We can design, assemble and install a new water treatment system, or upgrade your current equipment to incorporate the latest technology. Whatever your water treatment requirements, we'll help you find the solution that's right for you.

    We Supplies :

    We also offer a full line of water treatment system supplies, components and accessories, such as ion exchange resins, activated carbons, filter media, manways, cartridges, filters, membranes, tanks and valves - both for our own equipment and for many other major manufacturers.

    Working Hours :

    Sun: By Special Appointment