Carbon block filters are manufactures using finely powered actived carbon particles that have been bonded toghter to form a totally uniform, solid profile with carbon block filters and cartige elements are designed to flow in a radial, outside to inside direction resulting in low pressure drop, high flow rate and increased dirt holding capacity.

Manufactured entirely from FDA approve materials, a carbon block filter is suitable for residental point-of-use water filtration, as well as, commercial and food service applications. Our carbon block filters are manufactured from high purity activated carbon and is designed to fit most standard household and commercial housings.

In summary, carbon block filters have supplanted GAC filters in most cases, due to superior filtration of chlorine and chemicals as well as elimination of having to rines carbon fines.

Common Sizes

We offer carbon filters in the following ”industry standard”


2-1/2” × 10” (9-7/8”)

2-1/2” × 20

4-1/2” × 10” (9-7/8”)

4-1/2” × 20”

component carbon filters