It is needless to mention that water, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen is a precious natural gift which is very essential for survival of mankind including animals. The water used for portable purposes should be free from undesirable impurities. The water available from untreated sources such as Well, Boreholes and Spring is generally not hygienic and safe for drinking. Thus it is a desirable and necessary to purify the water and supply under hygienic conditions for human drinking purpose as the name implies. The mineral water is the purified water fortified with requisite amounts of minerals such as barium, iron, manganese etc., which can absorbed by human body. It is either obtained from natural resources like spring and drilled wells or it is fortified artificially by blending and treating with mineral salts. The mineral water shall be manufactured and packed under hygienic conditions sin properly washed and cleaned bottles in sterilized conditions.

Turnkey Mineral Water Project Manufacturers


Unfortunately sufficient safe portable water is not available everywhere in the country, either harmful chemical substances are found in the layers of earth which enter in to water or it may be contaminated due to pathogenic micro-organisms. If such water is consumed, the body suffers from water born diseases. Due to this, it has become imperative to process and bottle safe portable water for the mankind in prevailing conditions. The demand for purified water becomes more during summer season. Although few companies have already entered in the bottling of safe portable water and mineralized water, but still huge gap is there in between demand and supply at all metropolitan cities and towns. Turnkey Mineral Water Project is widely accepted in offices, restaurants, railway stations, airport, but stands, hospitals and to some extent in rich house-holds. So there is good scope for establishing the units for processing and bottling plain and mineralized drinking water in different parts of the country. Sai Water is top name as manufacturer and supplier of turnkey mineral water system that also offers installing services at site seen.