Water Treatment Chemicals

Sai Cool 1001

Is a non acidic, nonchromate alkaline complex containing organo phosphonate, Organic polymers and corrosion inhibitor, Sai cool 1004 is a comprehensive single water treatment chemical for the prevention of scale corrosion and fouling.

Sai biocide ( Algaecide/ Biocide)

Water is a blood of industry and is particularly vulnerable to microbiological infection. In a cooling tower, Water is evaporated by direct contact with air. It thus provides an excellent media for the growth of micro – organisms picked up from air. The warm water supplies nutrient matter and oxygen for their growth. Nutrient finds its Way in to Water from the different pollutants peculiar to the industry. ( One has to identify and eliminate chemicals Which are nutrient for Algae and Fungi, then the treatment Will be more effective ).To eliminate the growth of Algae and Fungi we have developed a powerful Algaecide.

Sai 915 (Scaling and Corrosion)

MEX-915 is a highly effective blend designed for the control of scaling and corrosion in cooling water systems. Water treated with MEX-915 can be discharge in to the effluent without any pollution problem. MEX-915 is specially created to meet the need of systems operating under alkaline pH using moderate to high calcium bearing make-up water

Sai-O- Chem (Oil Fired Boilers & Furnaces)

The combustion process is characterized by reaction of molecular fragments and free atoms, collectively called “free radicals” The end products like carbondioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) are the result of an chain reaction steps. Petroleum fuels are made up of a large number of Unique hydrocarbon and other chemical compounds.
Uses :
SIA – O – CHEM is easily mixable with fuel oil (LSHS/FO/LDO/RFO) It can be added into the storage tank or service tank in a proportion of 1 Ltr. To 1000 Ltr. Of fuel oil before addition of fresh Oil (No Machanical stirring is required)

Sai RO 9000

Membrane Antiscalant for Reverse Osmosis Product Discription AQUA RO 9000 offers excellent inhibition of Calcium Carbonate,Calcium Sulphate & Barium Sulphate and avoids precipitation AQUA RO9000 exhibits strong dispersing power and performs as an effective multifunctional antifoulant AQUARO 9000 is highly effective in a broad spectrum of supersaturated salt solutions. It minimizes scaling & reduces the frequency of membrane cleaning.

Major Benefets Aqua RO 9000 Confes :

Following Aapplication Benefits

  • Offers excellent threshold inhibition of inorganic salts viz .Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Sulphate, Barium Sulphate
  • Minimizes / eliminates need of acid dosing.
  • High complexing power modifies crystalline Structure of scale forming Salts and avoids their precipitation
  • High dispersing power
  • High hydrolytic & temperature stability

Sai Dispreset(Cooling Tower)

DISPERSET acts as a deposit control agent, both by inhibiting the formation of scales and by removing existing scales. It also acts as a powerful sludge conditioning agent.

DISPERSET has excellent thermal and hydrolic stability . It is effective over a wide range of pH. There is no need of acid dosing in most of cases where water is Low to moderate hardness and alkalinity . However, it is preferable to keep aqueous system treated with DISPERSET at a pH level between 6 to 9 for optimum result.

Sai Cleanocid (Descaling)

CLEANOCID is a special corrosion inhibited descaling compound for hard scale.CLEANOCID is specially designed to inhibit the attack of acid on copper, brass, iron and steel during industrial cleaning.CLEANOCID is useful to remove hard scale of water in the boiler, heat exchangers, condensers and other equipments.

Sai Chem Boil (Sludge Conditioner for Boilers)

Product Discription

Colourless liquid sludge conditioner designed to prevent depositing in steam boilers.

Directions for Use

CHEM BOIL prevents the formation of deposits on boiler internal surfaces. Sludge is kept dispersed in small particles and conditioned to be removed by normal blowdone. In this way tube overheating