Poly Carbonate rotameters available with us are separately calibrated for on line and Panel Mounted applications. Range and technical specifications are as per the following table. These rotameters are widely used in RO plants and in DM water plants. They are so economical that you can add Value to ypur Softeners and Filters when you install the same at the outlet / inlet of filter / Softener for visibility. This Unique cocept was introduced 1st time in India by us.


Salient Features

  • Available in End Port and side port configuration.
  • Internal diameter is mirror finished to a tolerance of _0.1mm facilitating easy loading & unloading of membranes.
  • External surfaces are highly polished & coated with high- golss polyurethane paints for UV resistance & excellent aesthetics.
  • End cap assembly comprises of a single piece moulded seal plate, a unique high quality seal ring a heavy duty aluminium ┬ábearing plate and a 3 turn stainless steel locking ring.
  • This unique design facilitates easy removal and insertion of the end cap with out any special tools, making it very user friendly
  • permeate port comprises a standard 1″ half union. Other options of 1 1/1″ BSP(M) threads and 1″ BSP(F) threads are also available. (NPT threads provided on request).
  • 8″ membrane housings are available from 1 element to 8 elements with pressure ratings of 250psi, 450psi, 600psi, 1000psi and 120psi.
  • All models are supplied with saddle and SS straps.
  • Victolic couplings available on request.