Water remedy filtration merchandise supplied by way of Sai Water include, Shelco Filters, Harmsco, Pentek and Eden Equipment. Pure Aqua uses handiest the best first-class filtration products making sure our clients longer lifestyles in their components. With sediment clear out cartridges ranging from 100 micron filtration all the manner right down to zero.2 micron, making them best for any pre and put up treatment filtration requirement. Carbon and GAC clear out cartridges are manufactured from high quality coconut shell and is available in lots of exceptional sizes and micron scores which includes 20 micron filtration down to 5 micron. Sai Water additionally carries all kinds of cartridge filtration housings in a large variety of sizes and filtering capacities. With our extensive assortment of housings we are able to accommodate any go with the flow price and we will tailor a housing to face up to even the cruelest of conditions for our clients.

Cartridge filters utilize refinement era for the elimination of organic materials and suspended solids from water assets via using cartridge filter housings, activated carbon cartridge filters, pleated cartridge filters, spun cartridge filters, soften-blown cartridge filters, and microporous filters.

Cartridge Filters