Our Pumps are kind of non-self priming vertical multstage centrifugal pumps. The pumps are avaible with standrad motor, the inlet and outlet are located at bottom of the pump at the same plane (inline type). All pump are equipped with a maintenance free mechanical seal set of the cartridge type.


  • Tremendously improved performance and enhance product life due to adoption of excellent water model.
  • Applied slightly corrosive medium due to flow passage parts made of stainless steel after process of pressing and welding.
  • Compact structure, small size, light in weight, low noise, remarkable energy saving, easy for overhaul and maintenance. Can be directly installed to main pipe because the inlet and outlet of pumps are on the same horizontal line Easy for users to choose motors because of the adoption of standards motors.
  • To avoid damages from dry rotation, lack of electric phase, over-load etc because aptitude protector can be equipped on user’s request.
high pressure pump


  • Water supply : water filter and transport in waterworks boostings of main pipeline, boosting in high-rise buildings, and etc.
  • industrial boostings:process flow water system. Cleaning system, high-pressure washing system and fire-fighting system.
  • Industrial liquid coveying : cooling and air-conditioning syatem, boiler water supply and condensing system, machine tool working purpose, slight acid alkali liquid.
  • Power : 110V / 60Hz, 240V / 60Hz